John Hillage:Internet Marketing Guru

Internet marketing serves as the backbone of online business.  The biggest portion of online marketing is covered by Search.  When we talk about search we mean both Organic and Paid Search. Let’s discuss this in detail.


Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate key for businesses to achieve  success. SEO is slow, but if you do it rightly with pure White Hat Techniques, it will not only bring traffic but will build a brand for you. A company success often measured by no. of organic conversions it receives.

Pay Per Click Advertisements:

Pay Per click advertisement is an art. How to spend less money and get more conversions?  People often spend a lot of money before actually realizing that PPC is not for them. Only very few people who possess the required analytical and technical skills can do PPC effectively.

In my view John Hillage is the marketing guru who is equally good in SEO, PPC and SMO. He has helped a lot of UK based businesses to establish their online presence.